Welcome to the Melbourne Flare User Group.

This group was formed out of a need for Flare users in the Melbourne area to get together and discuss ideas, thoughts and random stuff, mainly about Madcap Flare.

The group meets every alternate month via Skype and has someone usually presenting, demonstrating or showing off their skills with Madcap Flare, hopefully with the intention that others benefit from it. We also discuss general issues, try and troubleshoot common issues and do quick tips and tricks around using Flare.

While most of us are based in Melbourne, there is no geographical limitation to who can attend our meetings. In fact, we regularly have members from Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Auckland (NZ) and Bangkok (Thailand) join in for the meeting. So, don’t be shy. Feel free to introduce yourself and join us for a meeting.

Drop me an email on melbflareusergroup@gmail.com if you are interested in sharing your experiences with Madcap Flare.

Interested in viewing past meeting notes and presentations? See Meeting Notes.

Contact details

WP melbflareusergroup.wordpress.com
Email melbflareusergroup@gmail.com
Twitter @melbfug


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